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Founded in 2008, we are a boutique mentoring company that nurtures senior executives to be better leaders. We do this via a suite of one-to-one programmes and group seminars covering all aspects of the executive journey and the world of the board.

We believe professional, external mentoring is a valuable complement to internal company development programmes. We have no corporate agenda.

We believe in the value of thoughtful content. Our mentors and mentees have access to our master class data, templates and guidelines. Mentoring is not just a cosy chat. Experience is key - our mentors have seen the highs and lows of business and provide valuable insight to leadership development.
More than 365 people have been through one of our programmes. We have worked with more than 70 organisations including 24 FTSE 100 companies, 10 FTSE 250 companies, 16 top media companies and several overseas quoted companies.

Diversity - while most of our programmes are open to both genders, we have a strong reputation for working with executive women. Glass Ladder is our highly acclaimed programme, established in 2008, that prepares executive women for their first non-executive role. We have mentored and coached more than 150 women executives across our programmes.

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