Our extensive experience in mentoring programmes cover a range of scenarios such as:

Leading Industrial Transportation Logistics Company

Brief: Masterclass for the Board Non-Executives

  • Roles & Responsibilities of Directors

    • Identify the key aspects of regulation governing secondary listed entities on the London Stock Exchange;

    • Present and discuss the roles and responsibilities of Directors at the Board

    • Present and discuss the roles and responsibilities of Committees

    • Identify best practice regarding Corporate Governance for listed entities

    • Summarise the future regulatory trends for secondary listed entities

FTSE 100 plc

Brief: To enable the Board and ExCo to improve their interface by developing both their understandings and expectations of the other party

  • Working with plc Boards: a new dynamic

    • 10 Key Points for Board Effectiveness

  • Board/Executive Interface: A New Dynamic for client company plc

    • Summary of key emerging themes for ExCo & Board

    • Key areas of interface, Key areas of Interface, Board Dynamics, Best Practice, Presenting, Situation-handling

Global Energy Company

Brief: Masterclass for high potential female execs followed by 1:1 mentoring clinic
(60 minute coaching sessions with lead mentor to clarify next steps)

  • Promoting and Retaining Senior Female Talent

    • The Changing Landscape for Female Executives

    • The Female Leadership Journey

    • Planning your Career in  Senior Management

UK Building Society

Brief: Various masterclasses for Senior Execs on understanding Senior Committees, the Board and presenting to them

  • Effective Committees

  • Preparing and Presenting to Senior Committees & The Board

  • Senior Executives: Operating on ExCo & Boards

FTSE 100 plc Supermarket Chain

Brief: To co-create a mock board review module for their Senior Executives 

  • Senior Executives: Understanding the Boardroom

  • Roles & Responsibilities as ExCo v Board

  • Key Aspects of Board Governance Balance

  • Board Agenda & Challenges Today

  • Board decision making, best practice, dynamics & behaviours

Global Headhunter Madrid Office

Brief: An Overview of Today’s UK Boardroom for Spanish C Suite Execs

  • Boards Today & The Challenges

    • Board Structure & Ecosystem

    • Hot Topics & What Boards Want/Need

    • Exec Roles v Non Exec Roles: Board Expertise

UK Advisory Financial PR Firm

Brief: 2 Masterclasses

  • Understanding & Advising Today’s Boards

    • To understand the Board environment

    • To understand the challenges faced by today’s Board members

    • To review the power dynamics within the Board

    • To consider how to “find the connection” with the Board and access the key players

  • Board Dynamics & the Challenges of being a NED

    • To understand the challenges faced by today’s Board members, executives and non-executives

    • To review how Board Dynamics are changing due to Governance focus across Europe

The success of our clients shows not only in the repeat business but the positive feedback we receive from each masterclass and our client testimonials

“No criticisms – have just been blown away. Absolutely should be continued and rolled out to all partners.“
I wish I had come to you sooner
“I thought the whole morning was excellent. Probably the most useful company event I have attended. I only wish we had started this a couple of years ago. Well done for doing this.”
“Overall the value for me really was in the one to one time, appreciating your honesty, and feeling that you understood me, and had confidence in me finding the right roles. It also made a huge difference that you know what audit partners do!”
This has been life changing for me
“First class session and high quality presenter with great balance between outstanding content, practical examples and humour - totally credible and thought provoking”