As a mentoring company established in 2008 and we believe that professional, external mentoring can be a valuable tool to complement internal company development programmes. We have worked with over 100 organisations among the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, overseas quoted, major private companies and non-corporate organisations, and helped nurture both male and female executives across our programmes covering the executive journey and the world of the board. Over the past 10 years, over 1000 executives have been through our 1 to 1 mentoring/coaching programmes or our masterclasses/seminars.

We support board directors, senior executives, aspiring NEDs and high-potential employees through a series of programmes created and delivered by current senior directors of FTSE and major private organisations. Experience is key – our mentors are active in boardrooms and have seen the highs and the lows of the business cycle.

We provide a unique framework for direct experience-led learning and guidance on situation handling in a one-to-one context, as well as master classes for senior executive development programmes. 

We believe in the value of thoughtful content. Mentoring is not just a cosy chat.


Our executive mentoring programmes are designed for senior executives in FTSE companies with the aim of achieving and maintaining exceptional performance. Each programme is tailored to the needs and requirements of the executive and is co-created with the individual to provide confidential, situation specific advice and counsel.


The increasing pace and challenges of a 24/7 executive life is reducing the time available to develop and grow within the role. Increased expectations of shareholders and the pressure on boards and senior executives for quick results have intensified the need to evolve rapidly.

The mentor is someone with high levels of expertise and knowledge, who can help clarify thinking, help refine outcomes, help shape options and challenge “route to goal”. The mentor can give you an informed perspective and brainstorm the way to move forward. The customised nature of 1-to-1 mentoring increases the learning of the individual and reduces the time that would otherwise be spent learning through “osmosis” or in management seminars/on business courses.

Our mentors

Our mentors are specifically selected and are current senior FTSE directors. They have substantial experience across the Corporate spectrum and across sectors. The aim is to have someone who can speak with a Senior Executive in an open and direct way about the challenges he/she faces. The mentor has direct experience which enables them to add value to the discussion, offer relevant and targeted advice, suggest different practical approaches, and discuss options in a pragmatic way. All this is done in a confidential and trusted environment. We have a broad range of mentors available based on their experience and board profiles and can discuss the best fit for the mentee; you can find them here.

One-day, half-day or two-hour seminars

Navigating your executive career in large companies

Our programmes are all bespoke, designed with and around your company culture & values. We can reflect your key talent KPI’s and design the content to be at the appropriate level for each executive cohort.

Using our substantial experience of helping advise the lives of over 1000 executives (male and female), we have created a framework which we believe will deliver pragmatic advice to executives.


  • Managing key life and business transitions

  • Understanding oneself and building confidence within the working environment

  • Achieving and maintaining exceptional performance in the day job

  • Preparing for succession within the company

  • Accelerating leadership capabilities

  • Preparing for non-executive roles on other company boards

  • Preparing for a life outside of their corporate


  • Female / male career planning

  • Understanding how the executive skill set changes as you ascend the corporate ladder, managing/delegating/leading

  • Taking charge of your own career and executive journey choices

  • Understanding what good looks like

  • Making your way through a corporate hierarchy (learning the value of soft power and networks)

  • Enhancing understanding of the importance of presence and networking at senior levels

  • Developing ability to work across the group and contribute to the broader agenda

  • Honing presentation skills and understanding how to use them to achieve consensus

Understanding boards - for advisers

Our master classes are highly interactive with group working and plenty of time for discussion

  • The Advising Boards masterclass combines understanding the Board challenges with the specifics of how advisors can best interface/access the key board players

  • Designed specifically for executives advising boards

  • Has previously been used by investment bankers & key brokers

  • Aims to equip advisors with sufficient board knowledge to optimise their board interface

  • Content & design are discussed with the client based on our masterclass “template”

  • Design changes can be made to ensure appropriate to audience

  • 3 main sessions

  • Key challenges for today’s board

  • The balance of power on boards

  • Accessing the boardroom & key players

Understanding boards – for high potential executives


  • Provides one-to-one mentoring for senior executives, enabling them to maintain peak performance whilst handling new challenges and developing their careers within their company.

  • Supports succession planning for executives at key transition points in their career as they move from senior management to executive committee to board (see examples overleaf).

  • Each individual’s programme is bespoke and can cover areas such as managing through times of change, addressing knowledge gaps, deepening understanding of business financials, understanding board dynamics and presenting to the board in an effective and powerful way.

Below is a selection of the programmes we offer. To find out more about any of these, please get in touch.

We can also provide bespoke programmes to match your exact requirements, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re after,
simply drop us a line.



1 to 1 mentoring & coaching for executive development



1 to 1 mentoring and seminar based programme for aspiring female non-executive directors


1 to 1 mentoring for newly appointed CEOs and CFOs


Bespoke combined mentoring and coaching to strengthen the person and enable the executive



1 to 1 mentoring for aspiring male non-exec directors



1 to 1 mentoring for retirement to prepare executives for going plural



Supports the female executive throughout for a smooth return to work



1 to 1 mentoring for newly appointed NEDs or those new in a committee chair role